I’m a bit bemused by the furor over the Amazon Kindle. Let me be clear: I’ve carried literature in my pocket for around a decade, in a series of Palms and Treos and lately in my iPhone. I’m on board with the basic notion of portable, paperless reading. But still …

  • This thing costs four hundred smackers.
  • All it does is read books.
  • And it doesn’t fit in my pocket.
  • The books are generally discounted, but not much. The best discount I’ve seen yet was about two dollars. So if I buy 200 Kindle books, I recoup my hardware investment?
  • I notice that I spend a lot more time reading in Stanza, since the Kindle iPhone app came out. And I’ve added more of my own documents to my Air Sharing collection as well. I have the Kindle iPhone app. I just haven’t found a use for it, yet.

So, the Kindle is more expensive than established alternatives, less convenient, and largely locked into one vendor. And I want one of these … why?


One Response to “Kindling”

  1. 1 Stormy

    I think it’s the connection to the Amazon store, having my entire library with me and getting books instantly. I love finishing a really good book and then instantly having another one by the same author.

    However, with Stanza and Kindle both available on iPhones, if I had an iPhone I probably wouldn’t buy a Kindle.

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