The best thing about the iPhone


I’ve finally decided. I love my iPhone in so many ways, it was hard to pick. But after three or four months’ constant use and play, I think I can pick a winner:

With the iPhone, I get the crappy AT&T service, with fade outs, dropped calls, and even “calls that never ring the phone,” a feature I’d never even heard of until I started using the service.

I never had any of these experiences with my former carrier, Sprint. Seven years with Sprint, and not one dropped call. But now, with AT&T, I feel special just to be allowed to finish a conversation without dialing back! I used to feel so left out: all those commercials about dropped calls, all my friends dancing like crazed monkeys trying to find a phone-sized ether-bubble with signal. TheĀ camaraderie! The exercise! I was jealous. But no longer! I’m One Of Them!


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