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It’s very odd. I used to be on the younger end of the “Baby Boom” generation (born 1944-1955, and there I was in 1953). It was uncomfortable, actually: I always felt slightly left out. And after some struggle, the generation following was dubbed “the Me Generation,” with heavy emphasis on the unsavory selfishness that implies. […]

Is there some reason, do you suppose, why Amazon only wants to sell their Kindle to people who don’t read very much? I’d think it would be just the opposite. Silly me. So far as I can see, if you actually love books, you’re expected to stay away from the Kindle. Why do I say […]

My brother‘s a snob. It’s OK, we’re all snobs about something or other, right? (Don’t even try to talk to me about coffee or operating systems, you’ll just get nowhere.) But my brother, now, he’s a snob about music. I don’t mean one band or another, one genre or another. He has “taste” in these […]