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It’s about one week after “The Great Twitter Reply Farrago of ’09.” Time for a check-up: how we doin’? My timeline does indeed seem to have fewer replies in it. That’s basically no surprise, given the announced compromise implementation. The Twitter team didn’t actually say that “reducing messages sent” was the goal (rather something about […]

OK, this is actually pretty sweet: Twitter Blog: We Learned A Lot. A response (a second response, in fact) More details of the explanation (scalability, confusion) A temporary compromise (more details below) A statement of intent to provide a more permanent solution And some words to make it clear they understand Really, how many calls would […]

Twitter replies


Well, at least Twitter hears:  Twitter Blog: Whoa, Feedback!. As you can see over there, they’ve heard loud and clear the message coming from everywhere (including my previous posting, though I’m only a snowflake in the avalanche). What’s very weird, though, is that Twitter still has not offered any explanation as to why they made […]

The folks at Twitter have lost their minds:   Twitter Blog: Small Settings Update. #twitterfail #fixreplies I suspect I’m speaking to three kinds of people: Those still trying to figure out what this Twitter business is all about Those who like it, but don’t  quite understand why it’s so cool Those who know exactly what I’m about […]

You’ve heard that all this “social media” stuff is getting out of hand. But when “That Guy” on Flickr and Twitter and blogs sneaks out of your hand and onto the walls of your neighborhood coffee shop, it’s really too much. Especially early in the morning. Before you’ve had your coffee. Which, of course, often happens […]