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Stormy Peters thinks Amazon could get more consumer business by opening their format (Stormys Corner: Amazon, let me give you more money!). But I think there might be bigger stakes than that! Over the weekend, I read that California has now approved the use of “electronic text books” in class, instead of the old-fashioned dead-tree […]

All right, deep breath, count to ten, and all that: Twitter’s fooling with the community dynamics again, and again they seem to completely miss the main point in a wash of secondaries. At least Evan Williams mentions the essential problem, which is that annotation during retweet is the real value. Indeed, many of us are searching […]

Bing and Google are going to start indexing Tweets. They haven’t said so, but I’m guessing they’ll start using tweet insights in their search rankings as well–they already use every byte the can grab in half a dozen ways. The Google blog talks about “the next time you search for something that can be aided […]

Well, no one ever doubted AT&T knows where the money is …

Nice one, AT&T!


AT&T “survives” MMS. Now, how about “tethering”?

Another installment in my continuing musings over the Amazon Kindle. I’ve just started reading Trust Agents, by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. You can find my reactions to the book over in Communities are founded on trust. But there’s a Kindle tie-in here as well, that made me think. When I decided to pick up this […]

While trying to re-re-re-reschedule a meet-up, I sent my friend this SMS from my iPhone: I don’t hate you. But maybe I’ll expect you to pay… When we finally did meet up, he asked, in extreme bafflement, “Did you really type in all those @’s???” I said “wha … … … ?” He showed me […]